One Spark...

I've always had a passion for writing. Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, imagination to reality is what brings me joy. I dream in words and punctuation.

I live in stories. I thrive on tales of adventure and danger. I bask in my wondrous ideas, bright and clean like fresh grass dappled in sunlight. I dream my stories with my eyes wide open.

I've always had this fantasy, one that I still refuse to let go of, of writing a book. Not to get famous, or be noticed, but to share my joy with the world. I want to fill other heads with the strange and wondrous things I have created over the years. I want little girls to hear what I have to say, open their imaginations to limitless possibilities, and teach them to dream in vibrant color - even while they're awake.

Anyone can dream. Anyone can write. Anyone can create something. Anyone can be great.

It just takes a spark of an idea, one little spark, to cause a wave of fire.

I want my fire. I want to bask in it, burn in it, let it consume me. I want to catch flame and spread it across the country, the world, the universe. I want to inspire.


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