So, the last couple of days I've been going through a fit of panic. I was at the library in one of the quite study rooms, went to get pizza, dropped something off at a friends house, then went home only to discover I didn't have my cell phone on me! I called the pizza place, my friend, and almost called the library until I realized they were closed. No one had seen my cell.

I came back to the library the next day to check if anyone had turned one in. Nope. So, someone had walked away with it! That phone held my life in it's small little package. My friends and their contact information, my facebook, my calendar, my pictures, my blogger - hell even my menstrual cycle!

I cannont believe that someone would do something like that. Find a phone and not give it back to the owner. Hell, I'm no saint, but that's someones personal private life! So, thanks to some limy bastard, I've got no cell phone! I can't make the business calls I need to make. I can't contact anyone who is waiting to hear from me. For goodness sake I don't even have their numbers anymore!

It's not fair!

When I first found out that someone had just walked away with my phone I thought about it logically. I have a smart phone. It has gps. I can track it down and give whoever has it a piece of my mind. No problem.

Then it died.

I ended up with the location of where it had been at 1am. And, of course, when I went there to look for it it wasn't there. I had my mother and two very nice strangers digging around in weeds and dirt looking for my poor little celly. Then I had to file a police report. Call and cancel my service. And cry.

I had a good long cry.

Now the running idea is this. Whoever took my phone meant to use it, however there was a lock to protect it from such. So, either they couldn't brake the lock or it died and either way they couldn't use it so they tossed it. Now, it's just out there all alone.

I loved you celly. I miss you.