Creative Writing #2

Prompt: Electricity is a recent discovery. Think of 12 things to do when there is no power.

01. sleep
02. board games
03. indoor flashlight tag
04. tell spooky stories
05. light candles
06. read a book
07. write a story
08. listen to your battery powered mp3 player
09. talk on your cell phone until the battery dies
10. use your laptop until the battery dies
11. color, draw, cut, and collage something
12. write a list of things to do for when the power goes out again


When my neighbor Mrs. Daisy, also known as Mrs. Green Thumb, asked me to come out and help plant flowers I was absolutely thrilled. I had visions of digging in the dirt and getting close to my planet, but those visions were dashed by skinned knees, dirty palms, and a ruined pair of jean shorts. The flowers, however, looked very pretty after they had been planted. I guess pretty flowers makes up for ruined shorts and mosquito bites.

So, it all started off well enough. I got up early this morning and was waiting for Mrs. Daisy to call and let me know she was ready. She's up in years so I wasn't going to rush her. Besides, I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting in to. I had only planted a few flowers and veggies with my gran when I was little and I didn't remember it quite well.

When I finally did get the call I was in the middle of looking for cheap Cedar Point tickets (anyone got any?) so it took me a little longer than it should for me to get outside. Once I did, after about twenty minutes of searching, I realized I wouldn't be gardening alone. My god brother, who usually helps Mrs. D with her yard, was outside pulling weeds and talking with Mrs. D.

T, who works on our yard too, was quick to make jokes about me being outside to actually do some yard work. Before I knew it I was digging spaced out holes down along our fence. See, Mrs. D was giving me flowers to plant along the front of our fence and the side where our fence met her yard. It's a drive way actually, but there's a nice little strip of turned over dirt there thanks to T.

I was digging, watering, planting, covering and seriously sweating. I honestly didn't realize that T wasn't joking when he said he was sweating up a storm last time he weeded our yard.It was so hot, and I was so hot, that I sat down to work instead of standing or kneeling (which was hard to do any way because the concrete was digging into my knees), but little did I know that spraying a hose while sitting on the side walk was bound to get you a little wet. When I finally got up from the ground my shorts were soaked in water and I had dirt covering my bottom. Honestly, it looked horrid.

Once all the flowers were planted, which took me a good two hours, I came back in the cool confines of my home, stripped off my clothes and tossed them in the wash. I went upstairs, got in the shower, crawled in bed and drifted off.

In the morning I'll go down and check the flowers, but i think maybe that'll be all I do for the day...I'm so sore!




Creative Writing #1

Prompt: Choose a poem you like. Take the last line of that poem and use it as the first line for a poem of your own.

In the empty moments
between the rising of the sun
and the falling of the moon

I think of days gone by
words whispered in the night
laughter and shared secrets

I think of pet names
Children's names
Family names

I think of times a part
of words said in anger
of words not spoken at all

I think of fairy-tales
and princes
and of happily ever afters

I think of cupcakes
and large kitchens
and cooking

I think of you
what you mean to me
what I mean to you

And when I think of you
happiness can find me


It's out there all around us. It's hiding in corners. It's between the pages of books. It's hidden in the depths of emails and phone calls. It is always there, lurking about, pulsing just beneath the surface, waiting for the moment when you let your guard down enough for it to pounce on you and drag you into its blissful embrace.

Now, I'm not saying that all love is blissful. Love hurts. It makes you cry. It makes you scream and shout. It makes you wish for things that will never happen. It isn't all sunshine and flowers and happy days. The bad ones come with good. And, in the end, we all must except that.

If you search the word "Love" on photobucket (as I did) you will find over three million pictures. Some of them are happy. Some of them are sad. Some of them are poetic. And a great many have nothing to do with love at least not to the eyes of the world, but I'm sure to the posters they mean something special. The point, is that we all love.

It doesn't matter what your age is. Race has no meaning here. Gender does not define it. People cannot define it. Love will strike no matter what and there is rarely a way to be prepared. Not for lack of trying on most peoples parts. Love is just one of those things you can't escape.

It holds on to you. It rarely lets you go. And even if you find yourself falling out of love with one person, you're bound to turn around and fall in love with another.

I am in love with love.

I was raised on disney movies where everything turns out happily ever after. Where princes find their princesses. Where a kiss is the most magical thing in existence. Where good always wins. The bad guys always lose. And everyone is happier than when the movie began.

I find myself watching the male dreaded "chick flicks" at every chance I get. And, silly as it may be, the plot never changes. Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl fall in love. Catastrophe happens. Boy and Girl break up. Boy and Girl think about break up. Boy and Girl get back together. Happily ever after.

Never changing, yet I can't stay away. Like I said, I love love.

Love may be painful, it may break hearts, it may even make you despair. What we need to remember is that love is only painful because we make so. Love only hurts because we cause it to. Love is made joyous by our willingness to love as we wish to be loved in return.

Love is wonderful.

Love is beautiful.

Love is painful.

Love is...

So, go out there and love like you want to be loved. Show the world that an open heart policy is better than a closed one. And if you break hearts, which most of us will, remind the heart broken that love will always be just around the corner, lurking and pulsing just beneath the surface.

All we have to do is find it.


But I hope it's going somewhere.

I started up this blog because I needed somewhere to just write about anything and everything. I wanted to write day and night about the silliest, weirdest, and most random things, but I think I'm ready to turn this into something else. I don't know what to call it. I don't know how often I'll update it. But I want this blog to be special. Not just to me, but to him. And to anyone who reads this...though I'm positively sure the only ones who will ever even see this are my mom and, well, him.

That is all.



Whoever invented the high road and decided how high it should be should get fired! -- sandra b.