Hypocondriac?? Me??

So, I've been absolutely sick since January. I've been coughing, hacking up blood, having serious swelled sinuses, random nosebleeds, and through out all of this my mother has said I'm faking it. That's how it's always been. If I ever said I felt sick she said I was faking it. Funny thing is that once I get into the docotr's office she starts diagnosing me and is always right.

I remember one time when I said I didn't feel good. She, as usual, didn't believe me, but she let me go to work with her anyway. Around lunch time I started feeling worse. Again she didn't believe I was really sick. It wasn't until I vomited on her office floor that she belived me. She's always been like that though. Sometimes I think she joking and other times she seriously doesn't believe me.

I know this was one of the times she didn't believe. She's been saying I wasn't sick, but coughing up blood isn't fake. And now, after weeks and weeks of being sick, I'm starting to sound like a fucking squeaky bot! My voice has been going all pitchy and squeaky for the last two days. I really hate being sick.

Glad I'm seeing the doc next week. Then maybe I can kick whatever has been kicking my ass since the begining of the year.


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