Drive In Movies

Every year my mother and I make a point to head out to the local drive-in. We get popcorn and pizza slices and, when we feel really sneaky, we'll buy candy at Rite Aid or Walgreens and sneak it in. We get there early and listen to music until the previews start to roll. We leave the windows down on open up the sun roof. We talk and laugh and joke and make fun of the people on the screen. All in all we have a brilliant time.

This evening, morning now, we went to the drive-in. It was a double feature, as usual, for $8-something. We went to see Toy Story 3 (they couldn't have taken any longer getting that one out...I was nine when the last one was I'm 19!) and Grown Ups. On the screen behind us they played Eclipse (never have I seen so many teenage girls at the drive-in!) and Letters to Juliet.

I slept through Toy Story 3, having already seen it with one of my best friends, but my mom wanted to see it. Grown Ups was so funny! I'd go see that one again! ...Actually, I really might.

The real fun of the evening was that the lot to screen #2 (showing eclipse and juliet) was filled to the brim! I had figured that would happen. I had actually wanted to see Eclipse too. It played through and, on my walk to the concession stand, I heard that it was a good movie. Then everyone cleared out.

There were only about 8 cars left to watch Letters to Juliet...



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